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My Virtual Christmas Card for 2010

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Taken from the top of the mizzen mast, SV Nomad, Cuttyhunk, MA – July 28, 2008 - Had to replace a halyard!  Second photo is Cuttyhunk Harbor.




Aside from the challenges of my businesses, which I enjoy, I like the outdoors and the ocean.  I particularly enjoy sailing (as you can see from above); especially the challenge of blue-water crossings.  In these pages you can find photographs of numerous sailing adventures.  This section also has a copy of my most recent CV, and my contact information. 



As an entrepreneur, I operate a variety of business interests.  Although I have numerous companies (search for my name in the Florida and Alaska departments of business) the main entity through which I conduct business is Eastern Investments, LLC, and my official title is Manager.  Visit these pages to learn more about the companies and projects I am involved with. 



Go here to see some of my favorite websites and products. 


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